P = Producer; C-P = Co-Producer; AP = Additional Production, M = Mix; C-M = Co-Mix; E = Engineer; C-E = Co-Engineer, W = Writer; C-W = Co-Writer; G = Guitar;
V = Vocal; BG = Backing Vocal; A&R = Artist and Repertoire Direction, Arr = Arrangements

Artist Year Title Role Comments
Larry Berrio 2015 The Journey P,Arr,C-W 3 of 5 tracks
Marshall Dane 2014 Christmas Eve For Two P,E,M,C-W single
Robert Michaels 2013 Via Italia C-P, C-E, C-M Recorded at Melaby
Sarah Melody 2013 Simple Things P,E,M,C-W 6 tracks
Roveena 2012 Perfect World P,E,M,C-W 5 track EP
All About Maggie 2012 Now Hear Me Out C-W Co-wrote 2 songs
Darrelle London 2012 Eat a Peach P,E,M,Arr 2 of 12 tracks
Mike Lynch 2011 Road Map P,E,M,Arr Recorded at Audiomatt
Marshall Dane 2010 Running Stop Signs P,Arr,C-W Recorded at Barrytone
Darrelle London 2009 Edible Word Parade P,E,M 4 of 9 tracks
Dana Johnson 2008 Grounded P,C-E,C-W Recorded: Sonic Eden Nashville
The Red Light Riot 2006 War & Ribbons of Euphoria P,E,M,C-W 8 tracks
Colin Amey 2006 That Hurts (single track) P,C-W,M Released January 2007
Robert Michaels 2005 Robert Michaels C-W Distributed through Warner
Rick Temporao 2005 Down in Front P,C-W,C-M Recorded at The Shed
Andrea England 2005 Sometimes M,AP #1 East Coast Countdown - Mar / 05
M-Appeal 1998 M-Appeal C-P, A&R 1 Top 20 single
Bourne & MacLeod 1992 Moonlight Dancers P,A&R 1 Top 40 single
Lee Aaron 1992 Some Girls Do P,A&R Platinum
Lee Aaron 1991 Bodyrock P,A&R 2xPlatinum
Haywire 1991 Don't Just Stand There P,A&R 2xPlatinum
Roman Grey 1988 Edge of the Shadow C-M, A&R 2 Top 40 singles
The Nylons 1988 A Touch of Your Hand W, A&R Cdn Gold Album
Haywire 1987 Bad Boys P, A&R 2xPlatinum
Heart 1986 What About Love C-W World Top 10, Cdn Gold Single,
Album : 10 Million Worldwide
One 2 One 1985 Don't Call it Love W Album track
Agent 1985 Heartbeat P Album track
Champion 1984 Champion feat. Alex Machin P,Arr,BG 1 Top 40 single
Toronto 1983 Girl's Night Out C-P,W,G,BG Platinum
Toronto 1982 Get It On Credit C-P,W,G,BG Platinum
Toronto 1981 Head On W,G,BG Platinum
Toronto 1980 Lookin' For Trouble W,G,BG Platinum

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